10 makeup tips to match your glasses

8 November 2019

Here are some makeup tips and tricks for when you wear glasses! This will make it easier for you to decide which products to use.

Tip 1: “Less is more”

That beautiful look is all you! Don’t use makeup to compensate your glasses, but use it to highlight the beautiful assets in your face. “Less is more” as they say, this would be another good example.

Tip 2: Makeup with a positive or negative prescription

A pair of glasses will draw a lot of attention to your eyes. That is a good thing! What happens than depends on whether you have glasses with a positive of negative prescription. Positive eyeglasses will magnify your eyes. Try to stay with soft colors and watch little mascara clumps, these will be more noticeable.

Glasses with a negative prescription, on the other hand, will cause the eyes to seem small. If you use makeup in darker shades, the eyes will look even smaller. To prevent this, use light colors (like white) and finish with a mascara that accents the length of the eyelashes. Mascara that makes the lashes thicker will not get the same nice result.

Tip 3: Apply concealer

To even out the area around your eyes we advise to use a good concealer. It is possible for rings and wrinkles around the eyes to be more noticeable while wearing glasses. With a good concealer your look will stay flawless!

Tip 4: The unmissable tool: the eyelash curler

Another useful tip, especially for those who wear glasses: curl your lashes! This will make your look more open and will make sure that your eyelashes won’t hit the glasses.

Tip 5: The eyeliner rule

To determine the amount of eyeliner just follow this simple, but golden rule: a thick frame = a thicker line of eyeliner, a small frame = a small line of eyeliner.


Tip 6: Shade of eyeshadow

Pick another shade of eyeshadow, one that doesn’t match your frame! A thick frame looks really nice with a light color eyeshadow. A thin or no frame will look better with a darker shade of eyeshadow.

Tip 7: The perfect eyebrows

The key is to take good care of your brows! Eyebrows draw attention to the pair of glasses, so match the style with your frame. A brush for the eyebrows, to keep them in model, will create a nice result. Be aware that if you thicken your eyebrows, you could create a stern look.

Tip 8: Touch the blush

Blush expresses the contours of the face nicely. It looks really good when you follow the shape of frame.

Tip 9: Lipstick time!

This might be one of the funnest steps when applying makeup: putting on lipstick. If you are wearing a thick frame you can now choose to use a bright color, to keep your face in balance. A thin or no frame with neutral eye-makeup your lipstick will look better in a soft shade.

Tip 10: Colors

Using different colors in makeup is fun! Put on your glasses every now and then when applying your makeup to see if the colors you use match well. Mind the color and thickness of the frame when you’re choosing the color of your eye-makeup. Dare to be creative!