Winter blues? 7 tips against tired eyes!

2 November 2018

It’s the time of the year again where we have less daylight. Now that fall has arrived and we just switched to winter time, a lot of people notice the first symptoms of winter blues. Are you experiencing this too? We’ve listed the 7 most important tips for tired eyes!

Tip 1: Hibernate

The first tip seems obvious, but a lot of people still underestimate the amount of sleep they need. Most people need 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night (this can vary depending on your age). Lack of sleep results in tired or ‘heavy’ eyes and can cause an uncomfortable feeling behind the eyes.

Tip 2: Walking in the winter wonderland

Despite the fact that it’s getting colder outside, we still advise you to step outside regularly. A stroll after lunch during your break can already make a difference. Try to get as much daylight as you can, because this has a positive effect on your eyes. You’ll also be away from your computer screen for a little while and this gives your eyes a moment to relax.

Tip 3: Welcome all the daylight!

As we mentioned earlier, daylight is good for the eyes. So here is another tip: open the curtains at home and work. Natural daylight reduces the production of melatonin (this makes you tired at night). Besides that, a dark environment can trigger winter blues even more. So, switch on the lights when it’s still dark outside, but open your curtains to make sure you get every bit of daylight!

Tip 4: Prevent vitamin deficiency

Vitamin D is produced by the body itself and comes from sunlight. A vitamin D deficiency results in fatigue, so we advise you to make sure you get enough, even in winter time. Vitamin A also helps against fatigue. The eyes need vitamin A to convert light into electrical signals to the brain. As a result, we can see color during the day and we can see black and white contrasts in the evening.

Tip 5: Digital lifestyle

Earlier we’ve established that screens can cause tired eyes. A stroll outside helps a lot already, but if you (must) spend a lot of time behind a screen, we have the following tip for you: blinking. This helps against dry eyes and so it’ll also prevent the eyes getting tired quickly.

A pair of special computer glasses is also a great solution for people spending a lot of time behind a screen. Essilor Eyezen lenses will trigger a natural viewing position and will prevent tired eyes. We, as Essilor dealer, can give you more detailed information and personal advice, ask about it when you visit the store!

Tip 6: Vision on the dark roads

Do you spend a lot of time on the road? That probably means that during winter time you’ll spend a lot of time driving in the dark, making good vision very important. Lights from other cars and reflections will reduce your sight, a lot of drivers mention being affected by this. Varilux has developed specific glasses for in the car. A special coating makes sure your vision in the dark is up to 90% less affected by reflections. The Varilux Roadpilot lenses are available in our store. We’d love to provide more information.

Tip 7: Eye drops

Preventing tired eyes is of course the best way, but if you’re yet experiencing a little winter blues, eye drops could be a solution. Special drops against fatigue eyes help calm them and have a refreshing effect. We have different types of artificial tears without preservative which can provide relief from the symptoms of dry eyes.

Do you struggle with tired eyes and can’t find out why? Make an appointment with an optician in our store!