Your glasses reflect who you are. They are an eye-catcher, a fashion accessory and above all an object that has to fit comfortably. While choosing a frame, our team will look at the shape of your face, your skin tone and your hair colour. When you look in the mirror, you immediately have to feel that the frame complements your personality.
We keep up with all the latest developments and trends in eyewear fashion. Our collection is carefully selected so that all our customers can find a frame to their liking.

Varilux Specialist

Driving and reading with one and the same pair of glasses is made possible by Varilux multifocal lenses. Optiek Terhorst is a Varilux Specialist store. Did you know that an eye is as unique as a fingerprint? That’s why we only want the best for your eyes and opt for lenses that have been customised especially for you!

Producing accurate customised lenses requires an advanced measuring system. Our store features a special 3D measuring system: the Visioffice 2®. This system guarantees that your glasses are measured with the utmost precision and makes sure that adjustment periods are a thing of the past. Once you put on your new glasses, you are good to go.

Fun glasses for children

Children do not always enjoy wearing glasses. Yet our collection of children’s glasses contains a suitable pair for every child. Snazzy, sturdy, sweet or cool, we have it all. Our display features well over 150 different frames. All children’s glasses have a two-year warranty, are fitted with unbreakable and scratch resistant lenses and come with a stylish and robust case for storage. Our glasses won’t hold back your children when playing outside.

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