Optiek Terhorst also offers expert advice on sunglasses, whether you need prescription lenses or not. All our sunglasses offer 100% protection against harmful UV radiation. A sunny and snowy winter’s day requires a different kind of protection from sunglasses than everyday use in summertime. Our store offers well over 500 models. Visit our store for excellent and expert advice.

Our collection

We always offer you the latest and trendiest sunglasses as we meticulously build our collection during our visits to eyewear trade shows.

Our collection includes well-known designer brands like Ray-Ban, Chanel and Serengeti, but also more affordable and sportive brands like Oakley.

Show who you are

The 2017 sunglasses collection prominently features pastels and whites. Natural materials such as wood and leather combined with subtle colours play a major role in the upcoming collection. But oversized lenses and bold prints are also still present. A perfect collection to make a statement and show who you are!